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We love to work with likeminded coffee enthusiasts!

We don’t plan to be the biggest, but we do strive to be the best. We welcome those who share our philosophy with open arms to create a long-term partnership and grow with the Dramanti family.

We strive to be nothing less than the crème de la crème of coffee, and believe that it is the shared responsibility of the farmers, roasters and baristas to create the perfect cup. We strive to find others with the same commitment to serving their community with a love of family, great service, and even greater coffee.

We work intimately with our partners with regular assessments, and support and training from our founders to ensure consistency and precision for unprecedented Dramanti excellence.

The Wholesale Process

Step 1: Make Contact

Do you feel a connection with what we do and why we do it? Would like to hear more? Get in contact with us today to request an in person assessment of compatibility and meeting about your vision, philosophy and why you want to work with Dramanti.

Step 2: We Come to You

Owner and founder Dragan looks forward to meeting with you and assessing your business and philosophy for excellence to determine the feasibility of partnership. Here at Dramanti, we strive for long term relationships with all of our wholesalers and consider them with the same regard as our own flagship cafes.

Step 3: Installation

You are now apart of the family, and we are here to guide and support you doing everything we can to help your business succeed. We use Giesen Coffee Roasters handmade in the Netherlands. We provide and install your coffee machine free of charge and train you and your baristas on how to craft the perfect cup to Dramanti standards.

Step 4: Ongoing support and regular assessment

We strive to help you sustain the consistency, community and uncompromised pursuit of excellence that crafts the Dramanti way. We provide you with ongoing support to ensure your business flourishes and grows alongside us.

Love the Dramanti way?

Our Difference 

Our roast profile could be described as “BALANCED”. We steer well clear of second crack roast and rather, develop our beans enough so that both acidity and sweetness are present. Roasting only high quality specialty coffee, we endeavour to allow the flavours of the bean and its region to shine through the coffee. We are deliberate in allowing the farmers careful decisions in picking and processing to speak for themselves, influencing the process as little as possible for a truly raw and authentic farm to cup experience.

We believe that a coffee roasting starts not when burners on roaster go on, and green beans enter the roasting chamber, for us it starts much much earlier. It starts on the Farm, on Finca whether it is in Honduras, Nicaragua, Columbia or Sumatra. We believe the Coffee Roasting Cycle starts right there when we select what coffees roast and offer to our customers. Within moments of walking into any coffee roasters green bean warehouse, and inspecting their inventory, it is very easy to say what kind of roaster it is; Commercial, High Commercial or Specialty. At Dramanti, we only choose coffees with a cupping score of 84 plus for our Blends and 88plus for our Single Origin offerings, allowing us to stand out as specialty coffee leaders in Brisbane.

We maintain a relationship with our farmers year after year and on a first name basis. In 2016 and 2017, we are proud to announce that 80% of our coffee was sourced from farms that we have personally visited. One of the first coffees we ever roasted in Wynnum back in April 2012 was from Mauricio A Salveirra from El Salvador. We have helped Mo establish his “Supersonic” bean as a brand in Brisbane that our customers absolutely adore. Back then that was just a great coffee to us, but now, Mo is a close friend that we purchase coffee from every season. Coffees from Don Fabio Caballero, Honduran farmer are also featured in our cafes for past 4 years. We enjoyed their coffee so much that Dragan took a trip to Central America, to get in touch with the roots and to uncover the secrets of what makes those coffees taste so good. We also love dealing with our Nicaraguan coffee expert, Claudia Lovo, a young lady who runs a Dry Mill and helps many farmers with their production, picking, drying, milling and exporting of their beans. Those Farmers do not speak English and are unable to use computers and in past were easily manipulated for price. But now Claudia has made connections with roasters like Dramanti, who are more than wiling to pay a premium to gratify a premium product; tasty green beans.

 Our Products


Tingal Artisan Blend 1kg

Tasting notes: Our HOUSE Blend, a classic favourite for most cafes serving Dramanti. The focus is on balance with a medium to full body, presented with clean flavours and an enduring aftertaste. The pallete promotes notes of almond, cherries, and milk chocolate. Made of beans sourced from four Origins; Brazil Santa Lucia from Carmo Region (natural process), Indonesian Blue Flores (wet hulled), Honduras Don Fabio , Marcala Region (washed) and El Salvador , Los Pirineos (washed) from Cordillera Tepaca region.



Seven spices and raw sugar, nothing else is added to our signature Chai mix – the traditional way. It is also gluten and dairy free.

Ingredients: Organic Colombian Panela, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Ginger, Organic Black Tea, Star Anise, Cloves, Nutmeg, Black Pepper and a touch of raw sugar.

Hand blended in AUS from local and imported ingredients.


40% Cocoa Drinking Chocolate 1kg

A dark cocoa powder ideal for hot chocolates and cappuccino dusting. Highly versatile and a great compliment to your kitchen.


Minas Gerals Brazil 250g

Variety: Brazilian Filter Roast

Tasting notes: natural process with hints of macadamia milk and chocolate with an overall nutty palette, medium body, and silky texture.


Colombian El Porvenir 1kg 

Variety: Colombian Single Origin

Tasting notes: Creamy mouthfeel, delicate citrus acidity with notes of red currant to taste.


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