Dramanti Cupping Sessions

“True appreciation comes from understanding”

Dramanti is all about the bean to cup experience. What better way to deepen your understanding than with a cupping session? Cupping is a sensory experience, educating its participants on the different varietals, flavours, textures and effects of altitude, climate and region. It is an exposé of the elegant nuances, notes and processes from bean to brew.

We believe that coffee roasting starts long before the green beans enter the roasting chamber, for us it starts much much earlier. For us, it all starts on the Farm, on Finca, whether it is in Honduras, Nicaragua, Columbia or Sumatra. We maintain close relationships with our farmers, having personally visited 80% of the farms that we source from. It is through cupping that our connection deepens between the farm and the final cup.

An experience for enthusiasts, aficionados, friends and baristas alike.

Coffee Lover


Dramanti HQ, Morningside, Brisbane.


Once a month. To view our current calendar, click here!

Who Should do the Course:

Coffee cupping is a great individual experience for enthusiasts, flavour alchemists and baristas, but is also a wonderful community experience that can be shared with friends and family.

Who Conducts the Course:

The cupping sessions will be conducted by our chief educators, Stacey Benjamin, accredited National Barista Judge, and Dragan Sestic, owner and chief roaster of Dramanti.

How Long:

1-2 hours

How Many People per Course?

Maximum 12 people per session

The Nitty Gritty:

We cover everything from what is coffee, how and wherein grows, different varietals, why different altitudes, countries taste different. How processing method affects flavour. What is Specialty and what is Commodity coffee.

Limited Spaces Available. Bookings Essential!

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