Coffee Cupping: A Dramanti Introduction

In Brisbane, coffee is a very social experience. Brisbanites appreciate their favourite cup served with conversation. Coffee creates the ultimate opportunity to recharge and unwind all at once. We all love and appreciate our coffee, but how much do we really know about our favourite brew?

Think about the first time you ever tried coffee or wine as a child and how far you’ve come. Developing the palette is a lifelong journey that deepens our appreciation for the artistry behind developing your favourite roast.

Enter coffee cupping.

Cupping is a method of evaluating the different characteristics of a particular bean and its origins. It is a formal tasting technique that has developed as an educational tool, an appreciation exercise, and as a method for coffee roasters to determine marketability and detect faults.

Western society has often come to know coffee as a partner to milk, rather than a being in its own power and embodiment. Cupping is a re-education to unveil the true beauty and essence of coffee, opening up a new appreciation of its story from bean to cup, from the diluted and delicate, to the deep and complex.

So, how does it work?

The cupping process engages several techniques important to understanding the flavour spectrums within the coffee. These techniques include assessing aromas, tastes and mouth feel. There are a variety of difficulty levels within cupping from novice to expert, with expert being able to detect the differences between altitudes, processes, regions and varieties. For beginners, the cupping session begins with awareness and detection of some of the primary elements of the coffees flavours and texture.

In order to accurately assess the taste of the coffee, one must first understand the tongue’s flavour zones.

The tongue detects 5 distinct flavours when activated in different receptors.

The flavours include:
1. Bitter

2. Sour
3. Salty
4. Sweet
5. Unami (Savoury)

When tasting the coffee, try to identify which section of your tongue you can taste a particular flavour on. This will heighten your awareness for a particular flavour group and allow you to further refine and develop your palette.

You can find endless flavour notes, as every harvest is different. Just as with the growing of grapes in wine production, flavour is directly affected by altitude and weather, but ultimately shaped by the soil and the Dramanti is all about bringing an international experience to the local community.

What better way to taste the beans of the world than through cupping?

The cupping process is highly visual and theatrical, with participants gathered around a station led by the cupping conductor who is usually the head barista or roaster. Cupping is an excellent activity to enjoy with your friends, family and the wider community that celebrates individual growth and education of your palette. Dramanti HQ Morningside welcomes its official cupping launch in February 2018! To celebrate our Brisbane Coffee Cupping launch, Dramanti HQ is hosting FREE cupping sessions in February and March!

See you around the table,


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